Fun-Sized Operas

License unique versions of the operas you love.


Butterfly’s Flight

Best of the Bay nominated for both Best Theatrical Production and Best Playwright,
Butterfly’s Flight is a retelling of the Puccini’s Madama Butterfly from the perspective of Ambassador Sharpless. We follow as he is pulled into this preventable tragedy, and explore how his actions contributed to Cio-Cio San’s destruction. All while enjoying some of the most transcendent music of the Opera catalog.

Casting flexibility and a quick duration makes this show a delicious Fun-Size experience for audiences of any size.

Gillbert Vs. Sullivan

With the titular characters played by women in drag, behold as Gilbert and Sullivan bicker,
battle, and build some of the world’s best operetta. Follow the pair as they travel the globe with their faithful ensemble and on their most popular performances; from Pinafore to Ruddigore.

This funny, irreverent and historically accurate show hits all the right notes for any audience. The flexible and expandable casting will help your entire ensemble shine.


...Engaging, Talented and Hilarious!

Cackling Harpies is a fun and unique duo that takes opera to the next level! Their productions always ensure that every charter has a unique story and life that comes across on stage.
As directors, they are always a joy to work with and create an environment that is truly collaborative. As performers, they are engaging, talented and hilarious!

-John Kaneklides
Performer, La Traviata

100% Fun


“Have you ever wished for a production team that brought 100% fun and 100% historical and artistic relevance? Look no further! Every Cackling Harpies production I’ve been a part of has been the perfect combination of the two. Never a dull moment and never an unfounded direction, these two really are a dream team and I look forward to getting to work together again soon!”

Christopher Ryan
Performer, Witching Hour 2021

...You'll Laugh, Cheer and Cry

“I have never enjoyed a rehearsal process more or felt more safe to explore my character than when working with the Cackling Harpies. They invite you to create with them and become invested in the show like none other. As an audience member, you’ll laugh and cheer and cry; if you’re a cast member, you’ll do the same.”

– Sean Christopher Stork
Performer, Witching Hour 2021, Spanish Nights